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A beautiful winter day in the Florida Keys.

Thanksgiving on the farm

My mother’s good friend, David Cater, has a magical place south of Houston called Utility Research Garden.  This past Thanksgiving, my mom and I met up with David and a few others to share food and stories, and rub noses with the resident water buffalo.  Far away from the football games and traditional Thanksgiving parties happening in the city, it felt great to be wandering around through the fields of organic veggies, many of which we sampled as we strolled through.  And I even got to bring a handful of greens and other veggies back with me… talk about farm-to-table freshness!

Texas Contemporary Art Fair Preview Party - 10.20.11

It’s fall!  :) 

model: Mikayla, Neal Hamil Agency

Early morning photo shoot at Hermann Park with Cari Shoemate.

houston fine art fair preview party

music by DJ Sun
song: Marksonthekeys
album: Monday Drive EP

a short film by Jill Hunter

Today matters.

Conjuring up Paris in Houston.

Client: Francesca’s Collections

Photo: Jill Hunter

Model: Chandni Patel

From the advertising campaign for The Do Bar, a blow dry bar in Houston, Texas.

photo: Jill Hunter

hair: Cara Crafton

make-up: Sarah Tucker

model: Neal Hamil Agency

Isabel, my fashionista niece, shopping on 19th Street after a morning of painting.